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How to do maintenance and repair Mould

  1: Mould must wear after prolonged use blade, grinding blade surface must be demagnetized, not with a magnetic, or prone to blocking material.
  2: Spring or other elastic parts in the course of the spring easily damaged, usually a fracture and deformation phenomena. The approach taken is to replace, in the replacement process must pay attention to the size and type of the spring, the spring of specifications and models to be confirmed by the color, diameter and length of the three, only three are in the same situation can only be replaced.
  3: Mould process of using punch prone to break, bend and eating a bad phenomenon, red sets are generally eating bad. Punch and punch sets are generally damaged replacement parts with the same specifications. The main parameters of the punch working portion size, the mounting portion size, length, size and so on.
  4: Fasteners, check the fasteners are loose, damaged phenomenon, the approach is to look for the same size of the parts to be replaced.
  5: Binder components such as pressure plate, excellent strength glue, etc., unloading parts such as stripper plates, pneumatic top materials. Mould inspection and maintenance relationship of various parts and accessories for damage, partial damage to repair, pneumatic ejector check for air leaks, and to take measures to specific situations. Such as the trachea replace damaged.
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