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Fasteners related to some of the content standard

  1) Standard fastener product dimensions: the content of specific provisions of the basic dimensions of the product; threaded products, including basic dimensions threaded screw closure, shoulder distance, the end of the undercuts and chamfers, outer threaded part size and other aspects.
  2) Standard technical conditions of fastener products. Specific and includes the following content criteria:
  a) Hastener product standards tolerances: tolerances specified product size and content of the form and position tolerances.
  b) Standard fasteners mechanical properties: the mechanical performance levels specified in the product labeling method and content of the mechanical properties of projects and requirements; some fastener products will be replaced by goods and material properties of this content or work performance content.
  c) Standard fastener products surface defects areas: surface defects specified product categories and specific content requirements and other aspects.
  d) Surface treatment standard fasteners products: Surface treatment specified content types and specific requirements and so on.
  e) Fastener product testing standard aspects: performance requirements specified in the above aspect of the content of the test.
  3) Standard fastener product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging areas: factory acceptance specified when the project acceptable quality level checks and sampling program, as well as the content method and packaging requirements of the product logo.
  4) Standard fastener product labeling method aspects: specify the content of the complete product marking methods and simplified methods of marking.
  5) Other aspects of fastener standards: as standard fasteners terminology, fastener product weight.
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